Solar simulators for material testing

Test the durability and performance of materials and products.

Analyzing the durability of materials that are subjected to outdoor conditions, especially sunlight, can be an extremely important factor for most industries. Exposure to solar radiation speeds up the weathering process of most materials. Not just weathering, performance of products such as photovoltaics, consumer electronics etc. can change drastically!

Materials with good light resistance are often required for products that will be kept or used outdoors for a periods of time. Therefore, characterizing such materials and products with outdoor exposure conditions has become an important task when trying to categorize weathering rates, performance effects and mechanisms of degradation.

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Sciencetech designs solar simulators that will mimic the sunlight in order to test the durability and performance of materials and products.

Accelerated Testing

Quality controlling processes and acceptance testing that undergoes stringent standardization often requires fast, reliable methods of evaluating the durability of products. Our solar simulators can provide accelerated solar radiation exposure worth of months within a few days. Imagine trying to keep your products and materials outdoors for a year to quantify and assess their degradation behavior!

With accelerated solar radiation, you can analyze the behavior of your products and standardize their performance inside a lab, faster and better!

Environmental Factors and Their Influence

We can also help simulate key degradation factors such as:

Our solar simulators can be used for a variety of testing and characterizations. Durability, aging testing, performance of various products and materials can be achieved with Sciencetech’s solar simulators

UV Light Simulations

Our solar simulators are often used to test the effects of UV exposure. Most products get significantly affected by the UV wavelengths of the sun’s radiation. Sciencetech can specifically design solar simulators that produce UV wavelengths in the region of 280-400nm, with the correct ‘dosage’ to test the effects of UV degradation in products in varying outdoor conditions.

Changes in the conditions of the earth

Often arid and harsh conditions on the earth’s equatorial or Polar Regions with extremely high or low temperatures and moisture levels can provide drastic effects on your product’s performance and weathering levels. Therefore, simulating these changing variabilities and sun’s radiation can be accomplished with Sciencetech’s solar simulator and environment simulation systems.

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Solar Simulators for Material Testing Projects

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Other Applications

Photovoltaic Testing

We provide Solar Simulators to test and develop solar cells of all different varieties and sizes


Space Simulation

We provide solar simulators to test satellites, air crafts and all kinds of space equipment.


Solar Thermal Power

We provide high powered solar simulators with more than 4,000 suns at the target.


Photobiology Research

Our solar simulators can be used for a variety of chemical and biological research work.



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