Solar Simulators and Specialized Light Sources

Unique research demands unique research equipment!

Our vision is to provide tailored solutions to testing demands that cannot be accomplished with the average, off-the-shelf equipment.

Instead of cutting corners and working around equipment limitations, we can now provide the exact solution you are looking to achieve with the right equipment. We know the importance of getting the right testing equipment and we are excited to contribute to the new advancements in Science and Technology.


Photovoltaic Testing
Space Simulation
Materials Testing
Solar Thermal

Features and Special Capabilities

Large area illumination

Sciencetech has designed numerous solar simulators that illuminate large areas in the range of 1mx1m and more.

Full or modified solar spectrums

Full or other variants of the solar spectrum in accordance with ASTM, IEC, and other standards

Irradiance attenuation and high flux solar simulators

Adjust the power levels and irradiation to any level over the illumination area.

High collimation (with sun like collimation angles)

We specialize in designing highly collimated solar simulators with beams that closely match the solar divergence angle.

Full automation and temperature control

Fully automated solar simulator systems with computer controllable features and opto-mechanical moving systems.

Vacuum and clean room compatibility

Clean rooms are often used to protect contamination-sensitive procedures. Our solar simulators are operable in such highly sterile environments.

Sciencetech designs and manufactures its modular systems and components in Canada

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Projects related to custom solar simulation

Sciencetech has provided custom solar simulators and optical instruments to universities, national laboratories, and Fortune 500 companies for over 34 years. We are always available for assistance with installation and integration of our systems to your research units and our technical assistance team is always one phone call or email away!


Alfred University Sciencetech testimonial

I can certify that we did buy the Solar Simulator and we are happy that the company is nice and helpful.  (An example is related to two students’ on-site training.)  We are still using the Solar Simulator for students’ projects.

Xingwu Wang, Ph. D. - Professor, Alfred University
Tianjin University Testimonial

The PV system of the Sciencetech is very robust. And we used 150W IV system for the I-V test. I recommend this system for your application.

Dr. Fuying Song - Professor, Tianjin University
Sciencetech testimonial

I found the dealing with Sciencetech quite satisfactory. They have always provided healthy support and kind help.

Sciencetech is a solid and reliable supplier of Solar Simulators and Quantum Efficiency Systems and an expert in their field in my opinions and belief.


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